The Launch of Ignite Arts & STEM

The Launch of Ignite Arts & STEM

The Launch of Ignite Arts & STEM!

Announcing a New Spark!

Now that 2023 has drawn to a close, we are filled with a radiant warmth, reflecting on the journey we've shared with you. Your unwavering support has illuminated countless paths last year, empowering BIPOC high school students to explore the boundless possibilities of Arts & STEM. As we reflect on an incredible 2023 together, we are excited for the future!


With that said we are excited to announce the launch of Ignite Arts & STEM. As of today, Ashe Arts & STEM will embark on a new chapter under the name Ignite Arts & STEM. This evolution reflects our ever-growing mission to ignite the potential of BIPOC youth in Arts & STEM. Ignite captures the essence of what we do: we spark curiosity, fuel creativity, and ignite a passion for learning within every student. It embodies the transformative power of the arts and sciences, empowering young minds to become confident leaders and innovators in their chosen fields. While our name is changing, our dedication to your support and our commitment to empowering BIPOC youth in Arts & STEM remains steadfast. With your continued partnership, Ignite Arts & STEM will continue to ignite pathways to success, providing access to the tools, resources, and mentorship that allow talented young minds to thrive. We are thrilled to share this exciting transformation with you and look forward to continuing to ignite the future together.

Igniting the Pathways to Success

The launch of Ignite Arts & STEM is starting off with a spark! We're thrilled to share that a new horizon awaits, bathed in the promise of even brighter futures. A generous partner, soon to be revealed, has stepped forward with a significant boost for our Igniting the Pathways to Success program. This investment will ignite even more dreams, unlock new opportunities, and propel our students toward limitless possibilities. While details remain under wraps until later this month, we can assure you that this exciting development will significantly empower our Igniting the Pathways to Success program. Stay tuned for updates here and on our social media channels regarding our ongoing initiatives, and thank you for being a part of the journey!


Mentors & Mimosas Mentors & Mimosas: Remember the vibrant energy that filled the room at our Mentors & Mimosas gala? Witnessing the confidence with which our students showcased their artwork, their passion palpable in every stroke, was a moment etched forever in our hearts. It was a testament to the transformative power of your generosity, paving the way for them to express their unique voices through artistic expression.

Back to School Community Fair

Back to School Community Fair: And who can forget the buzz of excitement at the Back to School Community Fair in August? As we provided essential supplies, connected families with valuable resources, and fostered a sense of belonging within our community, we felt the tangible impact of your kindness. It was a day that ignited hope, reminding us of the ripple effect your contributions create.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Finally, we’re thrilled to announce a generous donation of tablets for participants in the Igniting the Pathways to Success program! These tablets come equipped with 5 years of internet service, ensuring students have reliable access to technology and educational resources. To ensure responsible distribution, we’ll be hosting a special graduation ceremony for the program. This will be a joyful occasion to celebrate our students’ achievements, connect with families and community members, and officially present the tablets.

The Launch of Ignite Arts & STEM

Support Our Mission in 2024

Ignite Arts & STEM was founded on ambitious goals and we will contionue to shoot for the stars in 2024. Please support our mission by making a donation today!
Don’t forget to check with your employer to see how your donation can qualify for your company’s matching gift program. Your employers match could mean that for every $1 you donate, Ignite Arts & STEM (formerly Ashe Arts & STEM) will receive $2 toward our goal to to ignite the pathways to success, one student, one dream, one spark at a time!

The Impact of Your Donation

The most significant expense that donations will cover are operations and technology costs. While grants and sponsorships help support individual Ashe Arts & STEM events, only a small portion of those funds are available to pay for other needs. In order to effectively serve our mission and vision, year-round, behind-the-scenes coordination is necessary. Other expenses include mentor recruiting and training, technology infrastructure, insurance, licenses and fees, contractor services and of course – event & program expenses. Your donation will support in the successful implementation of the IPS Mentoring Program. The funds will be allocated to various aspects of the program to ensure its effectiveness and sustainability in 2024!